Asha is a registered charity in Australia with a board of proven ability and commitment, who each have a respected track record of societal contribution and service. Asha is dedicated to a strong and open partnership with its donors, supporters and volunteers. This ensures that the programs, rather than administration, receive the benefit of the intended funding.

Under Asha’s mandate, it is entitled to work with other NGOs, participate in existing programs and importantly, develop new initiatives, primarily across the Asia-Pacific region, with measurable and impactful outcomes. It is important that beyond the initiation of our programs, we are able to provide ongoing funding, whilst encouraging out partners and communities to be as self-sufficient as possible. We always respecting the local culture, helping to build a brighter future for all of our communities.

Our donors and supporters have the opportunity to participate in our overall programs or to volunteer and contribute to specific programs and outcomes through “directed donations”. A key part of Asha’s philosophy is a meaningful involvement of our supporters in the programs and a high level of engagement and feedback with the communities directly utilising both personal engagement and a deep relationship through technology.