We Initiate Local Stewardship

Asha is dedicated to helping communities on their own terms. We are here to be compassionate supporters, not to change people’s minds or steer them away from their cultural heritage. By working directly with community members, we are able to move quickly and produce solutions tailored specifically for them. And wherever possible, we help develop local leadership roles to encourage residents to be the ongoing stewards of Asha programs within their own communities.

It is fundamental to every child’s welfare to have a sense of positive self-belief. Asha’s programs utilise a number of strategies to help our students quickly find skills and knowledge. This inspires and motivates them to believe their possibilities are not limited by their historical circumstances. Music, dance, languages, environmental awareness and many other subjects create momentum towards positive change. In our programs to date, a number of the students go on to become teachers in their own right, scaling the impact of our programs in a ongoing and sustainable way.