Does Asha only support children’s needs?

Whilst children are our core focus, it is important to support a positive environment around them including caregivers and the quality of life available in their immediate surroundings.

Does Asha have a political or religious motivation?

No, Asha believes in supporting the culture and positive values of the communities in which the children live. We do not seek in any to influence children to adopt other belief systems or philosophies.

What is the first consideration when establishing a new program or school?

The most important consideration is children’s safety and wellbeing and in all cases we can only establish support for a program where the local community leaders will ensure children’s safety and support the highest level of governance in applying donations ethically and responsibly.

Can I do a directed donation?

Absolutely, you may specify what program or initiative you would like your donation to go towards in the comments box on the donation page. For larger donations Asha can set up a program specifically to support the donor’s needs and objectives in delivering a sustainable social outcome.

How can I volunteer?

Asha appreciates that people may have skills, knowledge or time available and encourages a broad range of participation in our programs.

Why is there a Playing For Change Foundation donation button on Asha’s website?

Asha, as a registered Australian charity, works closely with Playing For Change and there are many PFC supporters in Australia who can now receive a tax deduction for donations via the Asha Foundation for Humanity.